Vegetable Steamer

Vegetable Steamer

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Daisy is a vegetable steamer designed for the brand E-my during a university course. The joy and happiness insight the brand inspired me directly in making this steamer. The major feature of Daisy is the opportunity of being completely foldable. Its design tries to involve people in eating more healthy. To view more E-my products and understand better their inner ideas, please take a look at their catalogue.

E-my Catalogue Page –  Example

  when completely flat its thickness is only 17,3 mm, so the storage is not a problem anymore.  

You can also leave it around the kitchen and use it in several different ways: only your imagination is the limit!

This vegetable steamer is very easy to use. Just fold it and fill it with the vegetables you want to steam. Then put Daisy in a pot with some water and wait for your vegetables to be done. It fits in most of the pots on the market. Thanks to its design, Daisy turns a simple vegetable steamer in something nice to look at and easy to storage. Has a foldable stick that prevent people from burning themselves while using it. To avoid it to touch the pot’s floor, has 3 little foldable feet that keep Daisy up. Thanks to its colorful design, you can put it back in a drawer or just hang on the kitchen wall to spread some happiness. Want to be a game changer? Daisy could be used to serve finger food during some chilling nights with friends and not just as a vegetable steamer!

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