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Survival Communication System ensures communications and the demand for emergency services after an earthquake. During last years, data confirm that after earthquakes telephone communications, and sometimes data too, are impossible. The cause is infrastructure damages or overloading of lines. Consequently, rescuers and survivors are isolated. Neither their loved ones have news about them. Therefore with two classmates we created these three products:

  • Interactive Column;
  • RFID Wristband;
  • Web Portal / Smartphone.

As results, these three tools allow survivors to call for help and to communicate their status, so as to reassure their loved ones trying to contact them.

As said before, three things made up the Survival Communication System:

The firs product is a column that will be earlier placed in strategic collection points around the city. It has independent both for communications both electrically. The column will have its own private network and solar panel. It allows survivors to record their status in a database accessible from the web and send a request for help directly to authorities. It will be a manual recording through a touch screen and an intuitive interface. There is also a RFID reader placed on the column will allow people wearing the bracelet a quick registration.

The second product is a bracelet made of silicone that contains personal and health data of the wearer stored in a RFID chip. It allows any ambulance or hospital to have health condition of the patient wearing it, especially in cases of identity and/or unconsciousness.

Finally, a web portal closes the system. It is desktop and mobile friendly. You can search on it a person you know was in the place of the disaster and know in real time his conditions.

These 3 different products together give life to our Survival Communication System!

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