Mechanical Pencil


Elegant and different

Introducing a concept for a mechanical pencil, designed for the modern creative minds. Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum, the mechanical pencil offers a sleek and elegant design that fits perfectly in your hand.

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Mechanical Pencil-20230705_Pen_Closed_POST-Marco-Bonanni

Mechanical Pencil-20230724_Pen_Open_POST-Marco-Bonanni

A touch of sophistication and uniqueness

With its internal mechanism, it delivers smooth and consistent lines, making it the perfect tool for artists, designers, engineers, and students alike. The precise lead advancement ensures that you can focus on your creative endeavors without any interruptions.

Additionally, the magnetic cap proves to be a practical companion, as it effortlessly attaches to any magnetic surface. Whether it’s a metal desk, cabinet, or furniture, your Mechanical Pencil will always be ready to capture your next brilliant idea.

Mechanical Pencil-20230724_Pen_Horizontal_POST-Marco-Bonanni


Dimensions and Details

The pen is 105 mm long and has a diameter of 11 mm. The lead is 0,5 mm, one of the most versatile and common dimensions among casual writers and sketches. The lead feeding mechanism is completely hidden inside the front part. It changes the common behavior by having your hand push the head inside the main body.

Mechanical Pencil-20230724_Pen_Close_Up_POST-Marco-Bonanni

enjoy the video

Below you can see a little animation I did to make the concept a little more alive. I used Blender for everything, as I’m trying to learn this new software 


if you are interested

For now, this is just a concept, but if you fell in love with this product, contact me and let’s talk about making it real