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Daniele Baglioni, founder of Germoglio, turned to me at first to just to simply model his sketchings to get him closer to see his idea become reality. Once we started our collaboration, I helped him out also in developing the concept in order to give him different roads to choose to follow.

After several concepts, ideas, prototypes and time spent together, as result we give birth to Germoglio. The project has been finalized in the renders showed by a design studio called Santa Design. It is a lamp that uses the sun itself to gently brighten your home at night. At the same time it is a socket cover, to be sure your kids are safe without give up design. Germoglio has different socket adapters to be used everywhere in the world.



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  • Jack
    Feb 28, 2017

    I love the form and material choice for the germoglio, traditional socket covers are rather plain and dull. Would it need a lot of sun to glow? Maybe a incorporated led light could make it a useful night light for children where the power point doesn’t get enough natural light? However as it is would make a nice addition to many kitchens and living rooms, very modern, balanced and natural form overall.

    • Marco Bonanni
      Mar 1, 2017

      We thought about implementing either a led either a motion sensor to optimize the battery lasting, but the small dimensions were making everything so complex. We preferred to keep it electricity free, both for materials and saving energy purposes. Glad you like it!


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